The Advantages

Of the many diverse and excellent reasons to turn to AIED, we only cite three essential ones.

Vast Experience: AIED has been operating on a national level for almost 70 years, and in all this time has matured a significant patrimony in terms of human and social welfare assistance.

Non-Profit Orientation: AIED was created, as stated in its By-Laws, not as a profit-driven, commercial company but rather as an association whose objective is to serve and improve society. Consequently, AIED’s whole orientation is towards society. The costs of its medical and psychological services are maintained at very modest levels, to bring our services within the reach of all need them. To check if this is true, just telephone one of our centers.

Being a non-profit organization also means investing notable financial resources to continually modernize our structures and maintain the most up-to-date analytical and diagnostic equipment. In this sense, in fact, AIED’s clinics are considered without a doubt to be on the cutting edge of this field. All the doctors, medical staff and personnel are also profoundly aware and proud of their and the Association’s role in society.

Strong Commitment to Serve You & Society: AIED’s goal, its raison d’être, is an invisible but very important value, which renders the Association unique with respect to all other Italian medical institutions.

Behind the Association, in fact, is long history of political and judicial battles to attain fundamental civil rights, for the woman and the couple (contraception, divorce, sex education etc.).

Few know and actually remember that it was AIED which overcame huge legislative battles, that lasted until 1971, to render the use of contraception legal.

The activities of AIED has continued and will continue its research, seminars, debates, etc. that testify and demonstrate the Group’s commitment to modernize, pursue Italy’s social, civil and cultural progress.

Every time, therefore, that one chooses AIED, it is as if you make a private, even small but precious contribution to this process.