The Association

AIED was founded on 10 October 1953 by a group of worldly journalists and scientists, of varied political orientations, who had beliefs founded on democratic, non-religious inspiration.

They set out various objectives for the Association:

  • spread the concept of free and responsible procreation;
  • stimulate cultural and social growth in matters of sexuality;
  • promote and support initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life and safeguard the health of humanity, both at individual and collective levels;
  • be committed to develop a new culture regarding maternity and birthing, with particular attention also paid to the various problems posed by assisted human procreation and bioethics;
  • fight every form of discrimination among men and women in the workplace, in the family, in society, and every form of sexual violence and child abuse, providing assistance and protection –also legal – to the victims;
  • promote and organize training and professional updating of teachers and professional personnel in all types of schools and educational institutions of all grades to teach sex education, while also promoting sexual education courses for students and parents;
  • encourage and realize studies and social and scientific research, aimed at confronting and analyzing in depth the core themes of AIED, such as demography, also in collaboration with local universities;
  • stimulate but also watch over government institutions, to ensure that laws are duly enforced in terms of contraception, abortion, sexual and andrological information, social-health prevention, and respect of minorities and diversity (homosexuality). In addition, propose integration and modifications in cases where norms are inadequate.

Based on its own By-Laws, AIED does not have a commercial scope and is a non-profit organization. In the pursuit of realizing its corporate objectives, the organization is committed to avoiding racial religious, social and political discrimination. AIED operates through its national corporate bodies (National Congress, National Board of Directors, National Chairman, National Executive Body) and its Sections. Acts in collaboration with other associations, committees, public and private entities, both Italian and foreign, whose aims do not contrast with those of AIED.